Morgan McAllister, Senior Content Writer at RedShift Strategists

Morgan McAllister Joins RedShift Strategists as Senior Content Writer

Senior Content Writer Morgan McAllister Joins RedShift Strategists

Houston, TX (September 27, 2021) — RedShift Strategists is excited to announce the addition of senior content writer Morgan McAllister to its growing team of content writers and strategists. 

McAllister brings extensive public sector experience to the company. Previously, he produced public communications content for the Harris County District Clerk’s office, and wrote and edited digital content for NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

“At RedShift, I get to work with clients who are pushing the bar in their respective industries,” said McAllister. “As a team, we go beyond writing content for our clients. We work with them to bring their mission and values to life in their messaging. We help them discover their stories and tell those stories to the world.”

McAllister also worked with RedShift in 2017.

“We’re extremely grateful to have Morgan back,” said RedShift Strategists founder Daniel J. Cohen. “He’s a creative, inquisitive writer who knows how to collaborate with others to bring people’s stories to life. RedShift is very lucky to have him join us, especially as we enter a new phase of growth with both authors and enterprises.”

RedShift Strategists’ collaborative environment is a plus for McAllister.

“It’s a unique, non-traditional environment where passionate writers can brainstorm ideas and experiment with the words they put out in the world for clients,” said McAllister. “There’s no bureaucracy. Every writer can voice their thoughts, be it on a blog post idea or an internal company initiative. RedShift gives writers from all backgrounds a space to flourish, no matter which stage of their careers they’re in.” 

When he’s not writing, McAllister advocates for human rights and social justice in his hometown of Houston and beyond. He also enjoys camping, hiking, and swimming. At home, he’s managed by a quartet of cats: Noodle, Dora, Tortellini, and Nix. 

“As a queer, trans man, one of my goals is to make life better for other people in similar circumstances,” said McAllister. “I’m proud to be working at a company that models the values of human rights and social justice for all. RedShift cares about telling stories in an ethical, respectful manner.” 

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