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Be First in the Market.

Strategic Positioning for Disruptors & Consultants

Positioning is the ultimate marketing theory; every other marketing theory is just an amendment.

As a strategic branding consultancy, we leverage the timeless wisdom of positioning to help founders at B2B SaaS startups and principals at professional service firms sharpen their focus so that they can become a leader in the market—right out of the gate.

Who We Work With

RedShift Strategists works with visionaries at B2B SaaS companies, professional service firms, and nonprofits.

B2B SaaS

Transform Users into Lifelong Champions for Your Product

“RedShift helped us surpass our SEO goals, land publicity wins, become thought leaders in our industry, and move faster on our marketing initiatives. They’ve been by our side since we were just a small team. Since then, we have become a fast-growing breakaway leader in our market. I highly recommend their strategic positioning services to any company looking to nurture business growth and become a leading brand.”
Sunil Patel
Sunil Patel
Co-Founder and CEO of Tekmetric
“RedShift Strategists has been an amazing partner for my startup technology company assisting with blog posts, long-form content, award submissions and a re-write of our entire website. They pushed back in all the right places to ensure each final product was in line with not just my high standards, but theirs too. They consistently met their deadlines and went above and beyond to assist with high-level strategy, product naming and more. Having RedShift not only as a reliable content creator, but also a thought partner, has been invaluable in the early days of my company.”
Allie Danziger
Allie Danziger
Founder of Integrate Agency and Ampersand Professionals

Professional Services

Lead the Conversation


Amplify Your Mission. Drive Change. Make an Impact.

“Our heat stress awareness campaign was a big success thanks to RedShift. Their research, analysis, coordination, and writing work prepared us with a report that not only helped keep vulnerable communities in Houston safe, but also amplified advocacy around programs and initiatives that are crucial for the City of Houston.”
Stefania Tomaskovic
Stefania Tomaskovic
Executive Director of The Coalition for Environment, Equity, and Resilience

What We Do

Our proven process positions your brand to lead your market.

We guarantee results.

If you go through our entire positioning process and do not see at least 5X growth in your website’s monthly users, visits, and page views, we will give you your money back.

Positioning Strategy

If you have a lot of big ideas, you’re in the right place. The one big idea that’s going to give you a foothold in the market is already inside of you—we just need to bring it to the forefront so that you can climb to the top.

Content Roadmap

With your position locked in, we’ll organize a strategy to win business and grow your share of the market. During the Content Roadmap phase, we will create a content plan that not only drives traffic to your website but also speaks directly to the pain points that you are uniquely positioned to solve.

Content Creation

Put your plan into action. We embed your voice and market position into each piece of content we create, captivating your audience and crystallizing your reputation as a leader.

Brand Workshops

Brand workshops are an engaging way to solve some of your biggest challenges. When facilitating workshops, we create a safe and supportive environment for you and your team to unleash your imagination, inspire one another, and share countless “Aha!” moments.

Visionaries Get It

Hear from some of the visionaries we’re lucky to work with.

Be First

If you want to lead the market, you need a position. The longer you wait to position, the longer it will take to lead.