The Strategic Brand Consultants Who Position Brands to Lead

We equip companies to gain momentum in the market.

From December of 2012 to May of 2023, we were RedShift Writers, a leader in the content writing industry.

Now, we’re RedShift Strategists, a firm specializing in strategic positioning for disruptors and consultants.

We believe that a business’ chances of success rise and fall with its ability to represent a powerful, focused idea in the hearts and minds of its customers.

Our collaborative workshops and strategic positioning guidance enable you to sculpt your market position, create compelling content, and grow your sales funnel.

Together, we will establish a feedback loop that accelerates your growth, ensuring that every interaction with your audience deepens their trust and loyalty to your brand.

More Than a Decade of Accomplishments

The web traffic of our largest client in 2022 eclipsed the web traffic of its next four competitors combined.

We’ve prepared award-winning client submissions for Inc. 500/5000, 40 Under 40, NASDAQ Milestone Makers, and Biz Journals awards such as Most Admired CEO.

We’ve ghostwritten content that has been published by Penguin and featured in Forbes, Innovation Map, and Houston Chronicle.

Our editorials and statements have been featured in the Houston Chronicle and Washington Post.

Our team members average ten years of experience in the field of strategic positioning and content strategy, all with diverse yet complementary areas of expertise.

We incorporate best marketing practices from global marketing leaders such as Google, HubSpot, and Neil Patel.

Our History

RedShift Writers Enters the Market as a Content Strategy and Content Writing Firm.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our first clients.

In the early days of RedShift, we were lucky to work with a leading test prep company and a full-service Inc. 500 brand marketing firm. We had an opportunity to put positioning theory into practice, understand the needs of various stakeholders, and grow alongside our customers. Those early experiences taught us how to best support company leaders in a wide variety of industries, including energy, healthcare, and technology.

RedShift Writers Becomes the Official Sponsor of Ignite Houston.

“Enlighten us, but make it quick.”

That was Ignite Houston’s mantra.

Each speaker had to deliver their speech in five minutes using twenty PowerPoint slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds.

As the curator and organizer of the event, we recruited speakers, coached them to deliver an effective message, and watched them present their visions to a live audience in a highly condensed format.

Listening to dozens of visionaries share their big ideas with a mass audience still inspires us to this day. We continue to channel the Ignite spirit into our work.

RedShift Writers Changes its Tagline From “Lightning Fast Content” to “Stories Change History.”

Our early work taught us that we had much more to offer than quality content delivered within a tight deadline. We helped our clients voice their stories and connect with their audience, empowering them to represent a bigger idea in the market than any isolated piece of content could communicate on its own. By helping companies tell their stories, we positioned them to shape the future of their industries.

RedShift Writers Becomes RedShift Strategists.

It’s popular for marketing influencers to discuss brand storytelling, but positioning involves much more than your brand story. It requires analyzing your audience, your competitors, and trends in your industry so that you can find your ultimate focus.

By analyzing our position, we sharpened our own focus: strategic brand consulting for B2B SaaS leaders and expert consultants.

Today, we leverage our Strategic Positioning Process to position B2B SaaS companies and expert consultants for permanence in their markets.

Our Vision for the Future

We envision a world where all founders at new enterprises can take ownership of an idea in the market, meet the needs of their audience, and create a league of dedicated customers whose lives are enriched by the ideas that founders bring to life.

Values We Live By

Our values define who we are. They are intrinsic to all of our team members, and are the basis for each and every decision we make, from who we work with to how we make creative decisions.


We are present and aware of the thoughts and emotions that drive human behavior, and we care about making a positive change in the world. We take the time to truly understand your goals, your audience, and your message, ensuring that your company’s position reflects your vision and resonates in the mind of the market.


We’re open and honest with ourselves and those we work with. We’re dedicated to giving ourselves, our team, and our clients feedback so that we can become the best versions of ourselves.


We’re curious and unafraid to experiment. We value the creative spark that different perspectives and experiences bring to each project. We find beauty in discovering new ideas and introducing them to the world.


We look forward and reason backward. At the beginning of every project, we align goals, address assumptions, and get everyone on the same page. As we collaborate with your team, we research and create a plan that yields the highest impact. We continuously test outcomes and refine our approach.

Our Proven Process

RedShift’s Strategic Positioning Process guides disruptors and consultants to become first in the mind of the market.

Phase 1: Positioning Strategy

Through guided workshops, we capture your market-winning vision and package it into a Positioning Brief that you can immediately leverage for marketing and training across your entire company.

Phase 2: Content Roadmap

We collaborate with you to develop a content roadmap that will drive results and directly address your customers’ pain points.

Phase 3: Content Creation

We build your content engine, securing your position as an authority in your field and driving qualified leads to your business.

Position for Permanence

Your journey with us is not just about creating a strategy or crafting content—it’s about making a meaningful difference in the lives of your customers and leaving a legacy that resonates for years to come.